R & S began as a partnership between two young creatives (Alison and Anastasia) seeking to think differently about design and how plants and flora play a big part in the way we design the way we live. For years the two played with different mediums which quickly evolved into a floral company pushing the limits of the norm while also maintaining a timeless and classy feel. Around year 3, Anastasia set sail on a journey to San Francisco where she would start up an elevated landscape company servicing the regions elite and unique. While the two remain soul sisters who still collaborate on design, Alison has kept the momentum going in Los Angeles and has expanded her creativity and inspiration by designing Interior and Exterior spaces as well as florals for corporate accounts, private estates and weekly hospitality clients. Her love for the outdoors and the importance she believes it has on the inside is why she designs in all these ways. While Alison is professionally trained in Interior Design, the skills she has gained over the years have created diverse design capabilities where she is able to thrive designing in a myriad of applications.

Our services include uniquely designed floral arrangements for weekly clients and corporate events as well as landscape design and installation, interior plant scaping and full service Interior Design services from concept to construction and installation.

Alison has a deep passion for the natural environment and natures changing seasons.  Her designs are inspired by our diverse native landscape and energized with movement and textures. She approaches each project with a wild eye; her style is free yet elegant and intentional.  She strives to collaborate with all of her clients keeping their story, aesthetic and budget in mind. 

Iā€™d would love to work with you! Please feel free to contact to inquire more about services!